Maintenance - MiddleTown Rentals
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Here at MiddleTown Rentals we want to do our best to make you feel at home. However, we all know that sometimes things at home need fixed. From a leaky faucet to a broken window, we can get someone scheduled to be at your unit to complete your repair and get you up and running again.

To help streamline the process and speed things along, we are happy to offer this online maintenance request option. If you have any issues or concerns that you feel can not be resolved by submitting your request online, call us in the office at 765-289-7617.

Maintenance Request Instructions

Please submit your maintenance request by clicking the icon above to log into the tenant/maintenance portal. You should have received access when you signed your lease. We do our best to handle all maintenance requests for rental units submitted online within 48 business hours.

AFTER BUSINESS HOURS (After 6 PM on weekdays, and anytime on weekends & holidays)

please call:


*We do not accept emergency maintenance request online, please call the emergency phone.

If your emergency is during business hours, please call the office at:


Please be aware that if the maintenance requested to be completed is deemed to have been caused by the tenant, you will be charged for the repair. See your Resident Policy Manual given to you at move in for more information on this subject.

What is considered an emergency?

The following is a list of what is classified as an emergency for the rental units:

• No heat (and outdoor temperature is below 50 degrees.)
• Water Leak causing damage
• Fire
• No Electricity
• No Air Conditioning (only if room temperature is above 85 degrees)
• Gas Leak (or smell gas)
• Entry door will not open or shut
• Clogged toilets (must be all toilets, if you have more than 1.)
• Clogged kitchen sink (You will be charged if repair is tenant induced.)
• No Hot Water
• Any situation that could result in tenant bodily injury.