Referral Program - MiddleTown Rentals
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Refer a new lease!

Receive a $100 gift card if you refer someone that completes a new lease.*


* Referral Program applies to current tenants only. Your name must be on the application as the referrer. 

*One gift card per lease, not lessee. If multiple people refer different lessees, the gift card will be given to the first received referrer. It is up to them to share the gift card.

* Referral must be indicated on original application.

* Both tenant and referral must be a prospect in good standing after one month of residence to receive bonus.

* Associates of MTPG are not eligible for bonus.

Is your roommate moving? Did you and your roommate break up? Have an empty room?

If your roommate situation changes, don’t move on us! Receive a $50 gift card if you renew with a new roommate.

*Referral Program applies to current tenants only.

Contact our office for more details.